Saturday, 23 March 2013

You can eat it or wear it....acceptance.

You only have a decade of your 20's....

So....I have so often heard people with an early date of birth (to be politically correct) talk about their twenties as if it were the golden decade. The years that made their lives.

Im 23 now! Three years in to that decade and only a year ago did I realise that I was wasting it on worry. Worry about the future, my career, wether or not I would have children. Life happens. We can't control everything, and the things we can control we needn't worry about. We should do something about it...but not worry. Worry is a pointless feeling-it causes all sorts of unwanted physical side affects and occupies head space that is necessary for other things-like memories and knowledge and all the important things you want to tell your grandchildren.

It was a year ago that I realised that I was sitting at the train station watching all the trains go by. because I was too busy 'planning' and 'preparing' and '

What makes you happy?

We all have our unique dreams, aspirations and hopes for our lives, but it really does boil down to one thing-we all want to be happy! Happiness is not a simple destination, and happiness can be achieved in many ways....the only trend is that everyone wants THEIR IDEA of happiness. So don't ask me, your partner or your parents what will make you happy. Don't do only what makes them happy. WHAT DO YOU WANT from YOUR LIFE. What makes you smile? Its that simple!

Once you've figured out what make syou happy-you're halfway there. Now go out and get it.

Before you rush off to BMW. Here's a hint-THINGS, do not make you happy. You can take it from me, or learn the hard way, as i did.

SO whats this all about?

Where's the cake?

Life has been compared to many things in the past, a roller coaster, an ocean, a dream, a nightmare...even a bitch! I like to think of it as a meal. Sometimes you get served roast on a china plate, other times bruseel sprout soup. (apologies to anyone who enjoys this) and there are days where the table will be empty. But life is all about perspective. Its not whats on your plate or even on your table. Its what you see there, and what you feel about it.

Too often we rush through life looking at the next goal, the next appointment, the next week..even the next year, without simply enjoying the moment. We wait for THE CAKE, and don't taste the main course, before we know it, we are old, our lives are nearly over and we've missed out on EVERYTHING.

You don't need money, possessions or . All you need is your senses, a positive attitude and

I wanted to start this blog as a way of helping those who are in search of ''the cake''. The things they want,